Instant alerts tell you when a vehicle is unsuitable for road use

When a vehicle is reported by the Driver to be unsuitable for the road, an email is immediately dispatched to the system’s administrator

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Do you want to safeguard your business?

Do your staff sometimes forget to hand paper work in?
Complete your free daily defect checks with VDD Solutions!

  • Get email notifications
  • Failsafe for driver and Transport Manager
  • No paper

VDD Solutions is the brand new paperless way of doing all your daily vehicle checks, and best of all, it’s free! Our system is based on offering a failsafe for both drivers and Transport Managers and it safeguards your business.

With more and more checkpoints for trucks across the UK, your daily defect checks have now become more important than ever. With our easy-to-use mobile-friendly system, get ahead of the game and make daily vehicle checks simpler.

Paperless way of keeping track of all your daily defects

Assisted Tasks

We offer assisted tasks to make your life easier and the life of your drivers easier.
You can have these turned on or off at any time and you only pay for the ones that you use, leaving you in control of what you pay and when you pay.

Using the system for Free

You can use the system to record your vehicles daily defects without any charges whatsover and see all of your neccessary data onscreen.

Assisted Tasks Control Pannel
The image above was taken from the VDD Solutions System site.

Remember, you are always in control, to turn tasks On, or Off at your discretion.

Making daily defects checks simple

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